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Google Chat is an intelligent, secure communication and collaboration tool created for your team. From transient messaging to thematic-based workload collaboration, Chat makes it easy to induce things done wherever the dialog goes.
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Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat) could be a communication software developed for teams at Google that has group messages, direct messages and team rooms that allow you to share content on Google Drive. one among the 2 apps to interchange Google Hangouts, the opposite is Google Meet. Google planned to prevent the Google Hangouts service from October 2019.

was initially only available to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite until October 2020) customers, and provided the identical functionality altogether packages except that Vault data wasn’t persisted within the Basic package. However, in October 2020, Google announced plans to open Google Chat to consumers already in 2021, with Hangouts being officially retired and starting distribution of chat to “early access” consumer accounts in February 2021. Hangouts continues to be a consumer-grade product for people employing a standard Google Account. Until April 2021, Google Chat are going to be fully available as an “early access” service for users who prefer to use it rather than Hangouts.


Hangouts Chat Announced at Google Cloud Next Event in March 2017 has been This was announced as Google’s answer to Slack, providing team chat rooms and direct messaging capabilities. Rebranded to Google Chat after.

After rebranding, Hangouts Meet are going to be aloof from Hangouts brand Google Workspace following similar changes. Google Meet originally introduced the above features to upgrade the Mingle application, but some standard Hangouts features, like viewing participants and running chats concurrently, are deprecated. Reduced the amount of video feeds allowed at a time to eight (up to 4 feeds may be viewed during a “tile” layout), giving preference to participants who recently used a microphone. Also, features like chatbox are changed to overlay the video feed rather than resizing it to suit the video feed.


  •  Group collaboration that permits you to make and share Google Workspace content (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) without concern about permissions.
  • Side-by-side editors, one-click meetings, bookings, document creation, shared files, you’ll easily complete your work work events.
  • Google search function with options for filtering shared conversations and content.
  • Ready for Enterprise with all the advantages of access control and Google Workspace security, including data loss prevention, compliance, admin settings, Bolt storage, hold, search and export.


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