Mega, Secure Communication and Cloud Storage

I think the MEGA application is the best in terms of providing a cloud space with a chat application to store and share media and documents. After my experience with uploading or downloading files, I do not think that it was programmed better than such a program at all in terms of speed or continuing to download after the connection was interrupted.
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MEGA was established after the US Department of Justice seized and stop working the Megaupload file hosting website on January 19, 2012, and therefore the department initiated criminal proceedings against its owners. After Gabon refused to use the company’s new name, MEGA announced that it’d register in its founder’s country of residence, New Zealand, with the name

Mega was launched on Robert E Lee’s Birthday, 2013, exactly one year after Megaupload closed. it absolutely was founded by Kim Dotcom, Bram van der Kolk, Finn Batato and Mathias Ortmann. Dotcom reported on Twitter that MEGA had over 100,000 registered users within the first hour, speculating that this might make Mega the fastest-growing startup in history.

Kim Dotcom also reported on Twitter that the location is incredibly busy, receiving thousands of user registrations every minute when posting tweets. Later, Kim reported that Mega had over 1 million registered users and completed 60 uploads per second. After three days, the quantity was updated to complete charging 500 times per second.

By 2020, the user base will reach 195 million. this can be also your first profitable year.

In 2021,kim added a website name, including and .nz. The .io name was chosen to reflect the worldwide nature of MEGA, which has quite 200 million registered users in additional than 215 countries / regions. MEGA goes on to say that compared to current .nz pages, .io pages are more likely to be correctly indexed by search engines, which are often incorrectly viewed as only relevant to New Zealand searches.


Create an account to urge 20GB of free space with fast transfer
End-to-end encryption
Your files and chat history are encrypted with a key you control.

Secure Communication
you’ll be able to exchange messages, share files and make audio/video calls through  end-to-end encrypted chat.
A security solution suitable for your business.
With end-to-end encrypted business solution, your business communication and data security are going to be raised to a replacement level.

Perfect software for all devices

  1. Desktop application
    Easy and automatic synchronization between your computer and Cloud. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  2. Mobile App
    Take all MEGA features with you, regardless of where you’re. simple to supply secure data mobility. Available for iOS and Android.
    A statement tool to process your account and files. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  4. The extension
    installs the app in your browser. it’ll reduce loading time, improve discharge performance, and increase security.

What are you able to do with MEGA?

  • Secure Chat
    Contact and stay in reality together with your contacts ; use chat to exchange messages and make audio, video or group calls safely.
  • Backup
    Use the camera upload function to automatically duplicate photos and videos to your mobile device, and sync your computer data with the desktop application. MEGA automatically maintains the historical version of the file, allowing you to simply restore it when needed.
  • Sync
    easily and automatically syncs between your computer and your cloud.
  • Sharing
    Export security key links to your files and folders, or share folders directly together with your contacts in MEGA.

Number of registered users
23 million and above



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  1. Akash Dhanopia says:

    I’m using whatsapp plus from last 3 years and its very superb app.

    i just want to give some suggestion.

    if particular contact comes online immediately we will get a notification that the contact is online.

    please add this feature.

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